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“Working Together For Better Births”

I am so pleased to be collaborating with these 2 gorgeous doulas, Bron and Mish, to offer our clients a warm and caring circle of support during your pregnancy and birth . We aim to create space for all of our clients to meet with us, connect with other women, experience some inspiring birth preparation and share our resources to prepare you for a positive pregnancy and birth! Together, we can meet many of your support needs during your pregnancy an beyond. Take some time to explore our websites and see some of the beautiful services what we have on offer! And, in the rare event of your doula being unavailable at the time of your birth, you can be confident that you will be supported by a familiar and compassionate woman, ready to assist you on this amazing journey. Meet Bron and Mish below!

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Bron Arnold-Briggs - Kindred Birth

Bron is the face of Kindred Birth! She is based in the Glass House Mountains area and loves a more rural lifestyle. Bron has had a variety of work experiences from beauty therapy, to owning a scrapbooking store to small business admin and photography. She is a creative at heart and loves to connect on a personal level. Bron has supported many families on the Sunshine Coast through a variety of different birth experiences. She is dedicated to helping families feel cared for and respected and building long lasting friendships. Bron and her husband have 2 adult kids and 2 fur babies (who are as demanding as toddlers!) 
Bron’s services include: 
Birth and postpartum support, 
placenta encapsulation, 
birth and motherhood photography.

To learn more about Bron and Kindred Birth visit her website


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Mish Rodgers Doula

Mish is a Birth Doula, she lives in Dicky Beach with her partner Kyal and their kelpie Digby - they also share their backyard with a hive of beautiful bees which they keep, as well as a flourishing garden.

Mish is passionate about providing birthing women, their partners & families with nurturing and educational support to ensure they have a positive and love filled birth experience.

She feels very deeply about connecting back with nature and helping woman surrender into their primal birthing power.

Mish provides birth doula services and is always working to expand her offerings to women.

To learn more about Mish please visit her website