Birth Support

As a doula I journey with women, in a non-clinical role, through their pregnancy, birth and post-natal period. I want women who choose my support to believe in themselves, and their body’s innate ability to birth their baby with confidence. I aim to bring companionship, knowledge, physical and emotional support to the doula-client relationship. It is these ingredients that will help you to create your most positive birth experience. The evidence clearly shows that women who have the support of a doula are more likely to experience a vaginal birth (if that is their aim), fewer interventions, lower cesarean and epidural rates. I feel truly honoured to be entrusted to hold space for women in this sacred time.

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What is included?

!!!Special Offer!!!

For a limited time all new clients will receive a “Sunflower Package” 75min NurtureLife Pregnancy Massage and a 60min Nurturelife Post-Natal Massage at no extra cost!

  • Initial meeting ~ no obligation, no fee, informal meeting to have a general chat and for you to get a feel for my services, and whether you feel we are a good match. At this initial meet-up you will receive my “Welcome Pack” which includes details about my doula support, extra services that I offer, some information on the role of a doula and evidence to guide your decisions, payment and contract information.

  • A minimum of 2 x 2 hour pre-natal appointments including you and your birth partner (if you have one).

    At the first pre-natal appointment we will discuss your birth preferences, and I will assist you with information and guidance in planning for your birth. We will talk about what is most important to you, and how I can support you in the best way possible for your preferences to be achieved. We may also explore any fears or concerns that you or your partner may have around the pregnancy or birth, and ways to process through these so that once your birthing day comes, you will have less apprehension and feel calm, focused and empowered.

    Your second pre-natal appointment will have a more practical focus, during which we will confirm your birth preferences, and explore a whole array of comfort measures that you may find helpful during your labour. We will work together, with your partner, to try different techniques, so that you can both become familiar with what feels best for you, and confident to try many options. This will be like a “tool-kit” that you will have to take to your birth, and your partner will feel prepared to support you!

  • Labour and birth support ~ I am on call for you 24/7 from 38 weeks, until your birth. We will talk about when is the best time to join you during your labour, and tailor your birth support to your unique needs. Some women are happy to labour at home with their partner until things really get going, and others are more comfortable with some earlier support, in the comfort of their own space. This in-home support will increase your chances of having a progressive labour, with less interventions.

  • I also work in collaboration with a beautiful team of 3 doulas (that’s including me!), the “Kindred: Doula Collective”. See the Doula Collective page on my website for more info, or click on the “Free Info Sessions” tab to register for an information session on “Secrets To A Positive Birth!”

  • 1 x 2-3 hour post-natal appointment, and an additional follow-up as needed

    During your post-natal appointments I will support you to settle back into home, provide you with informational and emotional support, massage, help with establishing feeding (within my scope), newborn care and home duties. This time is important for processing your birth experience, and guiding your expectations for life with your new baby, which as we know brings many changes.

    Doula Fees

  • $1500 for the above inclusions.

  • Deposit of $250 required upon acceptance of booking, within 7 days of receiving your “Welcome Pack”.

  • Payment plans negotiable upon request.

  • For a limited time, clients will also receive my “Sunflower Package” comprised of 1 x 75 min NurtureLife Pregnancy Massage, and 1 x 60 min NurtureLife Post-Natal Massage! (Value $170.00)


Click the link below to book a complimentary, no-obligation initial appointment, or for any enquiries about my birth doula service!