Doula Testimonials


“I feel so privileged to have had Michelle as my massage therapist throughout both of my pregnancies and by my side during my two amazing birth experiences.  Prior to my first birth, I held a lot of fear around anticipating the childbirth experience, however, my time spent with Michelle leading up to the birth, enabled me to focus on trusting in my body and its abilities.  My first birth experience turned out to be an absolutely incredible experience, largely owing to Michelle’s involvement, intuiting my needs throughout, honouring my space, and speaking for me when I was deeply in ‘the zone’.  Her ability to also guide my other birth support persons in how to assist was greatly beneficial.  Michelle created such a serene environment in the room and allowed me to birth naturally and calmly, as I had always wished to do.  Again, for my second, very swift, birth, Michelle was able to advocate for my birth preferences, where I may have otherwise felt pressured within the system and confused by my options, due to some complicating factors.  Having Michelle in the room allowed me to focus on the present moment and again achieve a beautiful, positive birthing experience.  I would highly recommend Michelle to any parents-to-be – she is an amazing gift during such a precious time of life, making miracles.”


“Having Michelle support me through my labour and the birth of my beautiful Daughter was truly a wonderful experience. Not only did Michelle care for my body with the most perfect pregnancy massages during the last few months of my pregnancy, she was also able to bring her unique and tender loving spirit into the hospital room on the day of my daughter’s birth. I chose my Sister to be my family support for the birth, though she hasn't got children, and this was going to be the first time in a birth experience, so having Michelle there was not only for me, she was also there for my Sister (My Sister said she couldn't imagine doing her part without Michelle!) Michelle has the most gentle and caring nature and was so in tune with my needs, whether that was a gentle touch, kind positive words, a reminder of my birth plan or just to be left alone, Michelle was on to it :) She went above and beyond in my opinion for my personal experience and I couldn't have been happier with how the night went. I will be forever grateful for the support that was given by Michelle and that my Baby girl entered this world, healthy happy and loved xo”



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“I have been lucky enough to have Michelle attend both of my births and both experiences have been so amazing. I chose to birth without the use of drugs for pain relief so the pressure points and massage was a god send during my labours! I felt very respected throughout my births and in all our choices. Michelle created a beautiful, calm and intimate space for us at home and when we arrived at the hospital. I felt reassured and supported throughout my experiences and I truly believe that by having that extra support and voice when I wasn’t able to speak for myself with hospital staff really influenced the direction of my births and gave me the positive and natural experiences that I had envisioned throughout my pregnancies. Highly recommend!”



“Michelle made the birth of our son such a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Her love and support before, during and after the birth, reduced our fears and boosted our confidence. If we needed anything, she would always be willing to help us out. I truly believe that our experience wouldn’t have been as calming and easy without her there. We cannot express our appreciation enough.”

Bronte and Matt



There are two qualities that you need in a birth assistant/doula, and Michelle has both of them. The first is to be gentle enough to intuit what it is you need next while you journey through the labour process. The second is the strength to hold back a medical system that is often based on worst case scenario, and doesn’t always honour the life changing event that a natural birth can bring. I have chronic illness, and I know that only because I had Michelle’s help, I achieved a natural birth, which was one of the most satisfying events of my life. During pregnancy her massages always melted away my fears, making me feel safe, sacred and confident in my body and my becoming motherhood. Michelle is an amazing natural birth advocate.