Massage Testimonials 


“I feel incredibly privileged to have been able to indulge in prenatal massage therapy with Michelle and I firmly believe that experience and her gentle, genuine caring nature helped me achieve a beautiful, natural and swift first labour at 35 years of age.
Throughout my pregnancy the time out I allowed myself and my body to slow down and relax with Michelle’s care was a beacon in the exhaustion and swelling limbs. It was something I thoroughly looked forward to and with the blessing of my partner became as ritualistic as my prenatal visits to the doctor.
As my due date neared I was adamant I would bring my baby into the world drug free and as calmly and beautifully as possible. However my due date came and went and I was then beginning to think of inducing and my birth options. At 40+2 I booked in with Michelle and our discussion around birthing, intervention, allowing the body and baby to take its natural course and my options during labour all calmed me just as much as the actual massage itself and I then went into the next phase of waiting for my baby with a new patient approach.
You absolutely need to take Michelle on the journey with you through your pregnancy and allow not only her gentle therapy relax and prepare you but also her genuine, passionate and professional approach to helping you have the best possible labour you can.” (Tamara)

“I saw Michelle throughout my second pregnancy and she was absolutely amazing! I had quite bad pubic separation and hip pain and Michelle helped to ease this a lot with massage and some stretching techniques! Would definitely recommend! (Carissa)

“Absolutely amazing. I have been seeing Michelle every few weeks during this pregnancy and every time I walk away feeling so much lighter and comfortable. Very experienced and talented. I’d highly recommend.” (Suzi)

“Michelle helped me manage pain through the last few months of my pregnancy. She is professional, friendly and very knowledgeable about massage and acupressure. Some of the best massages I’ve had!” (Rebecca)

“I had the most relaxing full body massage today. I did not want to leave. I was falling asleep! The oils and music were so relaxing. Michelle has the best technique when it comes to massage. I was so impressed by the whole experience. Thank you.” (Jess)

“I had a wonderful massage from Michelle last week. She was very caring, positive, knowledgeable and gave me some good tips on things to try during labour. I’ll definitely be back after bub is born,” (Catherine)

“The best massage you could ever get! Highly recommended, Michelle has helped me get through the later stages of pregnancy, I have never had a better massage in my life!!” (Laura)

“Michelle is truly gifted at what she does. Her demeanour as a masseuse and doula creates such a calmness in the room and her empathy towards her clients allows her to intuit their needs at all times. Amazing lady.” (Kerryn)

“I saw Michelle several times throughout my pregnancy and suffered badly from SPD. She has a great technique. Very patient, was helpful in offering different tips and tricks on how to reduce pain and pressure, and was also lovely to have a chat with! Highly recommend.” (Paige)