Pregnancy Massage

A Nurturelife Pregnancy Massage is a holistic and therapeutic treatment that assists women to embrace and cope with the complex physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy. Physical discomforts can be relieved, anxiety levels reduced and overall health and body awareness improved. Women who receive the support of Nurturelife Pregnancy Massage Treatments experience a sense of well-being, connection to their baby and preparedness for their birthing journey.

NurtureLife Pregnancy Massage                                                            90 mins                 $110.00

NurtureLife Pregnancy Massage                                                            75 mins                 $95.00


Labour Support Sessions

Nurturelife Labour Support Sessions are an effective way to build the birthing partner’s confidence and skills to support the labouring woman during one of the most vulnerable and transformational times of her life. A woman who feels safe, supported and nurtured will labour more efficiently and confidently. These sessions focus on the support person’s role during labour, providing a nurturing touch with sensitivity to the areas of tension, physical techniques and acupressure points that may all help to manage pain and anxiety with a non-pharmalogical approach. A connection between the birthing partner and the woman is enhanced as they anticipate the journey towards welcoming their baby.

NurtureLife Massage for Labour Support session                              90 mins x 1         $110.00

(personalised session for couples/birthing partners)                       60 mins x 2          $150.00

NurtureLife Labour Preparation Massage                                            90 mins                $110.00

NurtureLife Labour Preparation Massage                                           75 mins                 $95.00



Post-Natal Massage

Nurturelife Post-Natal Massage treatments focus on releasing tension and re-balancing the woman’s body after the incredible process of pregnancy and birth. Women benefit from post-natal massage as it aims to allow a re-connection to the post-birth body, eases some of the anxieties of new motherhood and the physical stresses of breastfeeding, fatigue and caring for the new baby. In addition, the woman continues to undergo physical, hormonal and emotional changes after the birth which can be supported through post-natal massage. Nurturelife Post-Natal Massage during this time allows new mums to nurture their own well-being and capacity to focus on those precious early days with their newborn. This healing massage is also very supportive for those who have experienced loss.

NurtureLife Post-Natal Massage                                                         90 mins                 $110.00

NurtureLife Post-Natal Massage                                                         60 mins                 $85.00


Remedial Massage

A remedial massage treatment can address many physical ailments. The body is supported to promote its own healing process through a variety of techniques to relieve tension and rebalance when injury, postural imbalances or repetitive strains may have occurred. This treatment can relax and rejuvenate, releasing the stresses of everyday life and improving physical and mental health.

Remedial Massage                                                                                       60 mins                 $75.00

Relaxation Massage (no health fund rebate)                                       60 mins                 $70.00

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